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There are a lot of solutions for creating surveys on the web. Regarding of these, SurveyJS team are strongly believe that SurveyJS is the right way to go.

Unlike the most other solutions, SurveyJS Project consists of three fully independent parts: run-time SurveyJS library, SurveyJS editor and SurveyJS service for storing and analyzing results. You may stick with the complete solution or use only a library. You may use SurveyJS service to store your results there or store them in your own storage. You may freely use SurveyJS Editor or integrate the Editor into your own web site.


Cloud4RPi is a cloud-based service that enables you to remotely control your IoT devices. Once you’ve completed a simple connection procedure using our client libraries, you can configure alerts to receive a notification whenever your device goes offline or a sensor value leaves the specified range.

Mobile-friendly dashboard UI takes only a few minutes to set up and requires no coding. You can safely share your dashboards with anybody, even if they don’t have Cloud4RPi accounts.

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